Stella Gelato is dedicated to producing the finest gelato and sorbetto anywhere in the world.

We make our gelato and sorbetto the traditional way - from scratch, in Eugene, Oregon. That is how gelato has been made in Italy for generations.

Stella: The best-tasting gelato you can get, anywhere.
If you are interested in carrying our gelato, contact us at:
P.O. Box 40986
Eugene, Oregon 97404
Gelato is smoother in texture and more richly flavored than American-style ice cream. It contains more quality ingredients but contains less air and less fat. That makes its flavor more intense.

Gelato Flavors:

Banana Gelato - with fresh organic bananas

Banana Foster Gelato – with fresh organic bananas, walnuts, caramel, and cinnamon

Black Cherry Stracciatella Gelato – with locally farmed cherries

Café Borgia Gelato – A Coffee-Orange gelato with espresso and fresh squeezed orange juice

Candied Pecan Gelato - vanilla gelato with candied pecan pieces

Caramel Swirl Gelato – Vanilla gelato with a brown sugar and butter caramel swirl

Chocolate Gelato – our signature Chocolate with French bittersweet chocolate, cocoa and a touch of honey

Chocolate Almond Gelato – with toasted almonds

Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs Gelato - chocolate gelato with crunchy cocoa nibs

Chocolate Banana Gelato - with fresh organic bananas

Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato – with pure Oregon hazelnut butter

Chocolate Mint Gelato - chocolate gelato flavored with Oregon mint

Chocolate Orange Gelato – a classic taste combination

Coconut and White Chocolate Gelato – this smooth, rich, concoction is a popular Stella favorite - try it alongside a fruit sorbetto

Egg Nog - this seasonal flavor is made with freshly grated nutmeg and a hint of Maker’s Mark bourbon

Espresso Gelato – our fresh shots of espresso make this an intense coffee experience

Hazelnut Gelato – with our own blend of pure Italian and Oregon hazelnuts

Mascarpone, Pinenut and Lemon Gelato – a thick and creamy Italian classic

Mint Stracciatella Gelato – Italian style chocolate chip with Oregon mint

Orange and Cream Gelato - with fresh squeezed organic oranges

Pistachio Gelato – with our blend of pure California and Sicilian pistachio butters

Pumpkin Gelato – seasonal, a must for pumpkin pie lover

Stracciatella Gelato – Vanilla gelato with Italian style chocolate chip

Strawberry Gelato – with locally farmed organic berries

Tiramisu Gelato – chocolate, brandy, and fresh pulled espresso - our take on the beloved Italian dessert

Vanilla Gelato – with pure Bourbon Vanilla

White Russian Gelato – with Coffee liquor, vodka, and fresh pulled espresso

Zabaione Gelato – dark rum, vanilla, and Marsala (a sweet Italian wine) - our twist on a classic French/Italian dessert
Stella sorbetto is dairy free, and loaded with fresh fruit. Our berries are Northwest grown, and organic. All of our citrus is organic and freshly squeezed in our own kitchen

Sorbetto Flavors:

Blackberry Sorbetto - with organic Northwest blackberries

Grapefruit Campari Sorbetto - fresh squeezed Ruby Red grapefruits and Campari (an Italian aperitif)

Lemon Sorbetto - with fresh squeezed organic lemons

Lime Ginger Sorbetto - with fresh squeezed organic lime juice and fresh organic ginger

Lime Sorbetto - with fresh squeezed organic limes

Mango Sorbetto - with Indian mango - known as the best for flavor

Raspberry Sorbetto - with organic Northwest raspberries

Strawberry Banana Sorbetto - with locally farmed organic strawberries and organic bananas
Many gelato makers today buy pre-mixed packages of ingredients to create their flavors. At Stella, we use only pure ingredients. For example, we pull fresh shots of espresso for our coffee flavors. Our pistachio and hazelnut gelati are made with pure nut butters. We use Meyer's Rum and Italian Marsala in our zabaione.

Stella Gelato is produced in Eugene, Oregon, and we use local ingredients whenever possible. Our milk and cream are from a local family-owned dairy that raises its own cows, grows its own feed, and uses no growth hormones. Our berries are Northwest grown, and organic. All of our citrus is freshly squeezed.

Our gelati are available at the following locations: